About Gerlink Utama Mandiri

Gerlink Utama Mandiri founded to fulfill the needs of whole geotechnical investigation equipment and laboratory, specially in Indonesia. Begin from 8 years experience of geotechnical field and laboratory, it becomes strong basic and value to making geotechnical investigation and laboratory with international quality that according to international standards, such as ASTM, Eurocode, or EN-ISO. That standards become the basic for whole equipments that we pruduce totally usable and resulting soil parameter acurrately.

Our company are supported by HATTI certified geotechnical expert, experienced master driller and technician, and international certified production experts. Sure that’s become our company’s best value to produce best quality geotechnical equipments. With the increasing of geotechnical problems, accurate of data that according to international standard are need to fulfill.
Every product from us always testing by experienced geotechnical survey team and in our mechanical soil laboratory. That’s all we do to keep the best quality from every product and innovation.

The newest innovation in international geotechnical field become our spirit to alwyas innovating and produce the newest technology in every product. Every year, we determine to give the newest technology in our product. Every customer will feel newest innovation from us.

Start from year 2020, we do research for making medical equipments with the need increase of medical equipment, specially for handling COVID-19 patient. From that research, we able to make medial equipment like HFNC (High Flow Nasal Cannula) and UV sterilizer. This ting become a contribution to increasing the cure of COVID-19 patients in Indonesia.

in early 2021, in line with the increasing demand for electricity in the community, we developed a renewable power plant that is environmentally friendly. Our generator engines use non-oil and mineral natural energy such as urban waste and sunlight. So, in addition to reducing oil consumption, it also helps the environment to be clean from waste.

Beside that, we give workshop/training about our product usage with free cost in every purchase intensively untill the customer able to use it well, and resulting the best data. Hope we could be the best working partner for geotechnical field research company, soil mechanical laboratory, hospital, university, or instituties in Indonesia and international.

Our Vision

Be the best manufacturer of appropriate technology equipment in asia

Our Mission

We develop the innovation of technology to create the best equipments for better life

Our Commitment

Quality of our products and services always controlled and increased by qualified human resources

Company Value


Quick thinking to handle the problem quickly and look the existing opportunity to create new product.

Team Work

Cooperate in producing the best technology product.


Keeping good and right attitude so that can be a role model in society.


Determination to subserve for the society with creating beneficial technology products.


Founding the newest technology that able to support society's life.

Company Divisions

Company Managements


Ghozalfan F. Basarah

President Director


Operational Director


Research Director


Primadita Arifianti

HR & Administration Manager

Widiyani Puspitasari

Finance Manager

K. Nur Faizah

Quality Control Manager

Azhar M. Fabian

R&D Manager

Andri Mulia

Geotechnical Manager

Syahfi A. Ismail

R&D Endoscopy Manager

Reza Rahmani

Production Manager


Mechanic Manager

Mhd. Hestu Azhim

Electromedical Manager