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Specific Gravity Test GLGS-01

Specific gravity of soil solids is used for performing weight-volume calculations in soils. Specific gravity of soil solids, Gs, is the mass density of the mineral solids in soil normalized relative to the mass density of water. Alternatively, it can be viewed as the mass of a given volume of soil solids normalized relative to the mass of an equivalent volume of water. Specific gravity is typically expressed using three significant figures.

Specification :

  • Soil drying oven set at 110o ± 50C;
  • 3 oven-safe containers
  • Scale capable of measuring to the nearest 0.01 g
  • 500 ml etched flask
  • Distilled or demineralized water
  • Thermometer capable of reading to the nearest 0.50C
  • Vacuum supply capable of achieving a gauge vacuum of 660
  • mm Hg (12.8 psi)