High Pressure Triaxial Test GLT-04

Highly durable and valuable triaxial machine both for research and commercial use. Real time monitoring stress strain curve and stress path diagram with Gerlink Triax 1.5 and other useful graphic easy single tab. All sensors has calibrated from accredited calibration laboratory (KAN). Aftersales service from our expert for lab technician and engineer training, repair and upgrading with available innovation are always will be important things for our company. Research, innovation technology and company development is our commitment to give maximum support and service to our clients and customers. All production process is always supervise by geotechnical expert in our company.

Specification :

  • Digital data acquisition sensor
  • User friendly integrated data acquisition and analysist software Gerlink Triax 1.5
  • Cell, back and pore pressure capacity up to 25 kg/cm2 (2500 KPA)
  • Pressure transducer KEYENCE
  • Mitutoyo digital dial Displacement gauged
  • CAS load cell 5 tons capacity
  • Comply with Unconsolidated Undrain (UU), Consolidated Undrain (CU), and Consolidated Drain (CD) test
  • Comply with ASTM D-2850 (UU), D-4767 (CU), D-7181 (CD)
  • Speed of Constant Rate of Strain (CRS) with 24 option type of speed from 18 mm/minutes to 0.0001 mm/minutes
  • Isotropic consolidation with volume change measurement
  • Saturation process and B value calculation
  • Realtime monitoring stress strain curve with Gerlink Triax 1.5
  • Realtime monitoring total and effective stress path diagram software with Gerlink Triax 1.5
  • Realtime monitoring pore pressure strain diagram with Gerlink Triax 1.5
  • Diameter of sample specimen option 38 mm and 50 mm
  • Calibrated all sensors measurement
  • Automatically constant value of cell and back pressure
  • Set input time from 1 second data acquisition recording
  • Export data to excel, pdf and paper
  • Print report Data
  • Deair water system
  • Multi panel up to 3 control panel for saturation and consolidation process (3 specimens at the same)