GL USG SBR-01 Portable Ultrasound

This Ultrasonic diagnostic instrument (here in after referred as instrument) using 3.5 MHz electronic convex array probe, adopts full digital beam former(DBF); real-time dynamic aperture imaging (RDA); full digital dynamic receive focusing (DRF); frequency conversion; 8 segments TGC; dynamic digital filtering; dynamic digital filtering; image enhancement; line correlation, frame correlation, point correlation, linear interpolation and many other image processing technology, etc.

Display modes as B, B/B, 4B, B+M and M, image multiplying factors of ×0.8, ×1.0, ×1.2, × 1.5,×1 .8, ×2.0 under the B mode. With 128 a large memory and offers permanent storage, cine loop in real time; 256 images available after diagnosis of real-time playback or by image viewer. Has measurements of distance, area, circumference, heart rate, gestational weeks (BPD, GS, CRL, FL, HC, OFD, TTD ,AC 8 measurement kinds) and so on.

Real-time clock; serial number of medical record; many note functions as full-screen character noting. Adopts large scale integrated circuit FPGA, MSF, mass memory, surface mounting technology and so on.

Features :

  • 12,1″ LED Display
  • Easy to Carry
  • Upgraded Two Probe
  • Sockets
  • User Friendly Keyboard


Physical Specifications :

  • Monitor : 12 inch LED display.
  • Grey Scale : 256 levels.
  • Running Time : ≥8h.
  • Input Power : ≤110VA.
  • Battery Time : ≥2 hours.
  • Host Weight : About 2.5 kg.
  • Dimension : 309 ×312 × 68 mm