Digital Direct Shear Test GLDS-02

Direct shear testing (ASTM D3080-11) provides the shear strength properties of soils under conditions of drained loading, which is required for assessing the stability of earth slopes. It is commonly used to test cohesionless soils (i.e.; sands and gravels) because of the inherent difficulties in preparing specimens of cohesionless soil for triaxial strength testing. The Digital Direct Shear Testing supports the following standards: ASTM D3080-11.

Specification :

  • Autonics stepper motor and driver adjust table sample box
  • Load Cell 1 ton Capacity
  • Mitutoyo Digital Displacement
  • Data Logger and Software Analysist GL-DS
  • Based on ASTM 3080-11
  • Calibrated all sensor measurement
  • Fully variable speed control from 0.1 mm to 16 mm per minute
  • Set input time from 1 second data acquisition recording
  • Auto Save Data menu
  • Print Report Data menu to PDF, Excel and paper
  • 5 Option Size and Dimension Sample Box