Digital Data Logger & Gerlink Software GLCON-04

For soil consolidation test purpose.

Specification :

  • Digital data acquisition sensor
  • User friendly analyze software Gerlink Oedometer 04
  • 1 dimensional consolidation system
  • Mitutoyo digital dial displacement gauge
  • Comply with ASTM D2435 (Method A and Method B)
  • Realtime monitoring E Log P curve with GLCON-01
  • Realtime time deformation curve with GLCON-01
  • Realtime time deformation curve using Square Root of Time Method with GLCON-01
  • Evaluation for preconsolidation stress using Cassagrande Method with GLCON-03
  • Coefficient of consolidation void ratio curve with GLCON-03
  • Calibrated all sensor measurement
  • Set input time from 1 second data acquisition recording
  • Autosave data menu to Excel Format
  • Print report data menu to PDF, Excel, and paper
  • Up to 6 ports of consolidation system per 1 computer
  • Autosave data using MicroSD (output csv, Excel format)