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Digital CBR Test GLCBR-01

CBR, the California Bearing Ratio test was developed by The California State highway department and is widely used to evaluate the potential strength of subgrade, subbase, and base course materials,including recycled materials for use in the design of road and airfield pavements. The test involves a simple penetration test using a load frame and a standard, compacted CBR test mold of the material to be tested. The results of the test are then compared and evaluated to known standards already established for the material being tested. The Digital CBR Testing supports the following standards: ASTM D1883 – 16.

Specification :

  • Autonics stepper motor and driver adjust table sample box
  • CAS Load Cell 5 ton Capacity
  • Mitutoyo Digital Displacement
  • Data Logger and Software Analysist GL-CBR
  • Based on ASTM D1883 – 16
  • Calibrated all sensor measurement
  • Fully variable speed control from 0.1 mm to 16 mm per minute
  • Set input time from 1 second data acquisition recording
  • Auto Save Data menu
  • Print Report Data menu to PDF, Excel and paper