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Salute! Gerlink Medical Enters the Top 10 Finalists of Indonesian Medical Device Innovators

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Salute! Gerlink Medical Enters the Top 10 Finalists of Indonesian Medical Device Innovators

Gerlink, Bandung – PT. Gerlink Utama Mandiri with Gerlink Medical as one of its divisions is included in the top 10 finalists for the Indonesia Healthcare Innovation Awards VI – 2022, in the Medical Device Innovation category.

“IndoHCF Innovation Awards is an award program for agencies and individuals/groups of individuals who have successfully implemented programs to improve health services. This award program is implemented with the hope of spurring positive developments in innovation and technology in the health sector that are sustainable to improve the quality of health services in Indonesia. In 2020 the IndoHCF Innovation Awards changed their name to Indonesia Healthcare Innovation Awards. ” (

Reporting from Instagram @indonesiahealthcareforum, two Gerlink Medical products are in the category of 10 medical device innovation finalists, namely GLP HFNC-01 and GL DEXIN+. GL DEXIN+ is one of the newest products from Gerlink Medical.

This product is the GLP HFNC-01 High Flow Nasa Cannula, which is the first high-flow nasal cannula product made in Indonesia. This product was developed to help accelerate the recovery of COVID-19 patients who experience respiratory problems.

Meanwhile, GL DEXIN+ is a dual-function dental aerosol suction that functions as suction for droplets from dentist medical procedures (Extraoral) and suction for fluids from medical procedures in the mouth (Intraoral). GL DEXIN+ can also reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 which is indicated to have originated from the patient’s oral fluids while undergoing treatment.

With the entry of Gerlink Medical products as one of the medical device innovators in Indonesia, it is certainly an achievement to be proud of so that Gerlink Medical can continue to work and innovate to improve the quality of health for the Indonesian people in particular.

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