Overcome Medical Waste Pollution, Gerlink Develops a Slicing Autoclave Tool

Gerlink, Bandung – Waste problems are something that often happens in Indonesia. This is because unmanaged waste in Indonesia will reach nearly 11 million tons per year in 2021 (Data sipsn.menlhk.go.id/sipsn/). One of them is medical waste, which has not been optimally managed due to the lack of tools to process it.

In light of this, Gerlink changed to creating a waste treatment tool in collaboration with the National Research Center for Environmental Research and Clean Technology so that it can consume the GL 01 Chopping Autoclave tool to reduce environmental pollution caused by medical waste. The results of processing medical waste from GL Autoclave Enumerator-01 can also be used for alternative energy such as hydro charcoal. Of course, this can make the utilization of waste into energy.

The features of the GL Autoclave Counter-01 include being able to operate up to a pressure of 20 bar, a post-process filtration system, low-pressure autoclave products can be turned into ore plastic, and high-pressure autoclave products can be turned into briquettes. With this feature, GL Sliced Autoclave-01 can not only sterilize medical waste, but it can also convert this waste into products that can be used or reused.

In addition, the specifications of this tool are also quite effective and efficient for treating medical waste. These specifications include a volume capacity of 200 liters, a waste capacity of 30-60 kg per batch, and an electricity capacity of 12 KW.

Currently, the GL Autoclave Enumerator-01 has been tested for results at the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) and is heading to the verification stage at the workshop by the Environmental Friendly Technology Verification Technical Committee, Monday (14/11).

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