Gerlink Medical Launches Android-Based Anthropometry Application

Gerlink, Bandung – Gerlink Medical launched its newest application, namely the Gerlink Weight Scale. The Gerlink Weight Scale app was launched by Google Playstore on Monday, 22 May 2023.

The Gerlink Weight Scale itself is an application for reading data from the Gerlink Standing Weight and Baby Scale tools as a support for the GL Antro-01 Anthropometry Kit toolset to facilitate patient data which will later be processed for medical record data needs.

The way this application works is by receiving input data automatically from anthropometric devices via a Bluetooth connection. The amount of data that can be received by the application depends on the amount of internal memory of the device. Data that has been stored in memory can be exported into a Microsoft Excel file for further processing.

Gerlink’s IT manager, Ridwan Hidayat, said that users will be safe if they download the Gerlink Weight Scale application because it has passed the curation and data security stages from Google Playstore. In addition, users get updates in realtime if a bug occurs.

“I hope that the launch of this application can make it easier for health workers to monitor the growth and development of children and detect early on if children experience disturbances in their growth and development,” added Ridwan.

The Gerlink Weight Scale application can be downloaded for free via the Google Playstore by typing the keyword “Gerlink Weight Scale”. Or, you can click here.

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