Congratulations! Gerlink Medical Become Indonesia’s Best Platinum Medical Device Innovator in 2022

Gerlink, Jakarta – After being nominated for ten and top three nominations, Gerlink Medical was chosen as the second-best medical device innovator in Indonesia. This was announced at the VI-2022 Indonesia Healthcare Innovation Awards (IHIA) which was organized by the Indonesia Healthcare Forum (IndoHCF) at The Ballroom Djakarta Theatre, Jakarta (24/11).

The medical device innovation product developed by Gerlink Medical is the GLP HFNC-01 High Flow Nasal Cannula. GLP HFNC-01 is the first high-flow nasal cannula product made in Indonesia. This product was developed to help accelerate the recovery of COVID-19 patients who experience respiratory problems. Developed and produced since 2020, GLP HFNC-01 is Gerlink Medical’s flagship product and has distributed more than 2500 units to various regions in Indonesia.

Gerlink Medical is one place above Karla Bionics who developed the K22-BP Bionic Aesthetic Active Prosthetic Arm. Therefore, Gerlink Medical received a Platinum Award (2nd Place) and Karla Bionics received a Golden Award (3rd Place). Meanwhile, the Diamond Award (1st Place) was won by Prof. Dr. Aulanni’am who developed the Thyroid Peroxidase-Based Autoimmune Thyroid Disease Early Detection tool) TPO and Thyroid Simulating Hormone Receptor (TSHR).

The Platinum Award from IHIA VI-2022 is one of Gerlink Medical’s achievements in the field of medical device innovators. In addition, through this award, Gerlink Medical can prove that domestic medical devices are very influential in bringing about change to make Indonesian people healthier.

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