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Gerlink Utama Mandiri founded to fulfill the needs of whole geotechnical investigation equipment and laboratory, specially in Indonesia. Begin from 8 years experience of geotechnical field and laboratory, it becomes strong basic and value to making geotechnical investigation and laboratory with international quality that according to international standards, such as ASTM, Eurocode, or EN-ISO. That standards become the basic for whole equipments that we pruduce totally usable and resulting soil parameter acurrately.
Our company are supported by HATTI certified geotechnical expert, experienced master driller and technician, and international certified production experts. Sure that’s become our company’s best value to produce best quality geotechnical equipments. With the increasing of geotechnical problems, accurate of data that according to international standard are need to fulfill.
Every product from us always testing by experienced geotechnical survey team and in our mechanical soil laboratory. That’s all we do to keep the best quality from every product and innovation.
The newest innovation in international geotechnical field become our spirit to alwyas innovating and produce the newest technology in every product. Every year, we determine to give the newest technology in our product. Every customer will feel newest innovation from us.

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Let's make your own medical products at Gerlink Geotechnical!

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